We see a Mobility of the Future, whose means of transportation bring people and goods together emission free and intelligently for a general benefit.

Our Mission is to facilitate the transition towards the Mobility of the Future for enterprises and institutions – by supporting in the selection, development and market entry of technology based Innovations.

We are a Technology Consultancy – specialising in mobility innovations.
Our team combines decades of exeperience in countless development projects in the automotive industry.
We further manage an extensive network of relevant contacts in the field of mobility in Europe and China.

General Managers

Our Management

  • Peter Witzgall (Executive)
  • Alexander Schachtner (Technology)




and some impressions from our team …

Engineering meets Business

We are a Team

  • of electrical, mechanical, industrial and technological engineers.
  • with additional Business Education and further Training (Innovation Manager, SCRUM, Systemic Business Coach, etc.).
  • with longterm, global experience in the automotive industry and many more.
  • of communicatively proactive team players.
  • with passion and a vision for the Mobility of the Future.
  • with result and customer orientation.
  • with ambition and composure.

Project Examples

  • Definition and Piloting new Innovation ProcessAnalysis and goal definition, definition and piloting of a new innovation process in the early phases (Invention) based on the process model „Pulse of Innovation“. Accompaniment of the newly established innovation circle as a consultant and personal coaching of development manager.
  • Innovation Project: Processes and Agile MethodsElaboration of effective and efficient processes and agile methods for an innovative basic project for 4 years, as well as support of project team as a coach (transformation of classical to agile approach) and Scrum master.
  • Organisation Development, Systems EngineeringAnalysis and conception of organisation development of the multidisciplinary R&D team with orientation on the basics of systems engineering.
  • Elaboration & Implementation Markety Entry StrategiesDefinition and implementation of measures for market entry of an innovative software product through the use of own network. Organisation, execution and participation in events with customers and conferences.
  • Definition & Introduction Product MangagementDefinition and introduction of the function product management in test engineering, methodically based accompaniment in vision formulation and projecting the inspection system of the future. Enforcement of the requirements engineering in early stages.
  • Product Benchmarking & Cost Reduction ChinaProduct-Benchmarking of a navigation system with regards to component and production costs compared to competitor products (Reverse Engineering), as well as market analysis in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou und Hong-Kong.
  • Strategic Sourcing, Electrical Industry ChinaSupplier selection and qualification in China for sourcing of major components for middle and high-voltage swithgear (MV, HV). Controlling of pilot and series production clearance, as well as setup of delivery logistics. Supplier development with regards to key quality indicators, cost optimisation and communication.
  • Coordination Brakes DevelopmentCoordination of series clearance dates between OEMs (SUV vehicle platform) and brake system manufacturer. Reception, clarification, introduction and tracing of new requirements (noise, vibration) derived from testing.
  • Supplier Audit, Lightweight Construction/ CarbonAnalysis of the current data inventory of components and component groups (e.g. OEM standards, 3D-models, Q-documents) of the suppliers. Introduction and processing of open aspects in routinge meetings on-site, as well as presentation and discussion of project progress at/with OEM.
  • Selection & Leading international R&D TeamDevelopment and controlling of an international team of engineers (testing systems, embedded systems) at several European sites, professional and disciplinary responsibility.
  • Projectleader Test Power Circuit, HV/HF, AutomatisationProject lead in testing engineering at power circuit manufacturer. Controlling of entire project run (specifications sheet, FMEA, offer preparation, scheduling, and – tracing, budget control, commissioning and controlling of manufacturers and development service providers, change coordination, coordination CE-certification systems, clearance controlling, consignment and operation start production plant).
  • Task-Force Management, Customer TeamOrganisational leadership of customer team in critical phase. Goal was the achievement of production maturity of test systems of a high-voltage control unit for HEV and BEV vehicles (electromobily), later affirmed by OEM.


Through our extensive network in Europe and in China are we able to connect – companies with great traditions, aspiring entrants und the biggest growths markets.

Europe: Automotive OEM Suppliers: Tier 1+2, Tools, SW, etc.

China: Manufacturer Battery Cells/ Modules / Packs, Performance Electronics


Through our successful cooperation we are able to create new possibilities and utilise synergies.

Our partner for strengtheing your company’s innovativeness and successfully developing novel products and business models.



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