Our Proposition

We offer:

  • technology and strategy consulting in e-mobility and developing new markets
    analysis of baseline situation (360° scan or partial scan), elaboration of mission statement, uncovering of chances, technology- and market research, development of field of action and measures, priority setting, etc.
  • steering of innovation initiatives from demand analysis to market entry
    team formation and development, project planning (budget, ressources, responsibilities, roadmap/timeline), (agile) project management, accompaniment, coaching, execution of emporment initiatives, follow-up support, anchoring success, establishment of an innovation culture, etc.
  • technical support in development projects in design and implementation
    feasibility studies, development of technical concepts, operative cooperation from individual system engineers up to entire expert teams of engineers and software/IT
  • inclusion of partners/suppliers in an international setting
    identification of suitable companies, initiation, establishment and accompaniment of cooperations, supplier management, etc.
We offer our services according to customer demand, following the process model “Pulse of Innovation”.
Technology- & Strategy Consulting
Steering of Innovation Initiatives
Technical Support
Inclusion of Partners/Suppliers